Why Tour Sales Couldn’t Be Delayed Due To Managers’ Legal Battle – Billboard

Fans will have to wait a little longer to snag tickets for Why Don’t We’s 2022 North American tour. Previously slated to launch in Salt Lake City in June, the band took to social media on Tuesday (April 5) to say that ticket sales – which were due to go on sale this Friday – would be postponed due to litigation. ongoing between the current group and former leaders.

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“Due to legal complications, we have been forced to postpone the pre-sale and public on-sale of our 2022 North American Tour,” the post read. “We hope to announce new pre-sale and public on-sale dates as soon as possible.”

The band adds that they “are extremely disappointed with the turn of events, because all we want to do is create and release new music and perform for our fans and friends, who have been our biggest supporters in the good and bad times. This is the purpose of our life, in addition to meeting you all in your cities, as we have not been able to do for 2 years.

The ongoing litigation the band is referring to is the duel lawsuits between the current manager of Why Don’t We Randy Phillips and their former manager (and longtime Phillips partner) David Loffler. The pair are suing for control of the band’s management as well as their companies Signature Entertainment and PDM III – which have the exclusive right to “direct and control” both the band and the solo careers of the five members of Why Don. ‘t We. , as well as music from the band, its masters and all its sources of income.

According to a lawsuit filed by Loeffler on Aug. 17, the five members of Why Don’t We — Jack Avery, Corbyn Besson, Zach Herron, Jonah Marais and Daniel Seavey — are refusing to sign a record deal with Atlantic Records or perform. as a group until Phillips was reinstated as sole leader of the group. Loeffler is suing the five members for anticipated breach of contract and Phillips for tortious interference with a business relationship due to the band’s refusal to sign the Atlantic deal.

Meanwhile, Phillips’ lawsuit alleges that Loeffler abused members of Why Don’t We and “irreparably damaged” the management company they created by engaging in “nightmarish behavior,” including ” daily verbal abuse, shouting at them at the top of their voices, sometimes for 10-20 minutes. Phillips’ lawsuit also claims that Loeffler “forced the five members to share two small bedrooms, even though the house had an unused spare bedroom that was upstairs.”

Members of Why Don’t We came forward to detail their alleged abuse in September. the social media post claims the group was monitored 24/7, their food was restricted and they were insulted daily. That same month, the band petitioned the California Labor Commission to void its contract with Loeffler and management company Signature Entertainment for violating state talent agency law. They are asking the labor board to declare that the contracts are unenforceable and that Signature Entertainment is not entitled to compensation from the group because neither Loeffler nor his colleague Steven Miller obtained a talent agency contract signed with the five members of the group.

Last week, why not announced tour plans across North America this summer. The route would have taken them through major cities like Chicago, Toronto, Boston, Austin and Los Angeles.

“We’ve been working day and night to find a way to play for you…and we’re not stopping until we’re able to,” today’s post continues. “We love you!! Thank you for staying with us.