Want Prime Day music deals without heading to Amazon? These are the best so far

Amazon Prime Day is always appreciated. When you combine the convenience of Amazon Prime (opens in a new tab) with huge discounts on many different products, you will have a great time. The only downside is that because Amazon isn’t a dedicated musical instrument retailer, Prime Day guitar deals can be easily overshadowed by deals on just about everything else.

It’s one of the many reasons we were so excited to see retailers such as The Musician’s Friend (opens in a new tab), guitar center (opens in a new tab) and Pure water (opens in a new tab) offering such massive discounts on equally massive product lines.

With the rising cost of living, it’s hard to know if it’s and isn’t appropriate to shell out for new music equipment. We’re inherently poor people, and we’re often found spending our money on beer, gas, or new overdrive pedals — so, you know — we’re also responsible. More seriously, it’s important that you continue to support your favorite non-Amazon music retailers. None of their future is guaranteed – and a world without guitar shops isn’t worth living for.

We’ve been unable to find all of these great deals, but these are the best non-Amazon sellers we’ve found so far this Prime Day.

If you’re not happy with the Prime Day guitar deals on offer here, you’ll be pleased to know that we’re scouring the web for the very latest deals for you. We’ll put them in the aforementioned hub page, so if you want to stay up to date, bookmark it and check back regularly.

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