Top 8 Free Online Music Visualizers

You can enjoy music with more than just your ears. A beat can reverberate through your body or take visual form through technology. The additional stimuli make the music much more immersive.

If you like the idea of ​​merging audio with graphics, get acquainted with some of the best online music visualizers that offer both free and premium services. You can use them casually or professionally, increasing the fun factor of your tracks.


The first music visualizer you should know about is actually part of a larger service that’s free and with premium plans.

Motionbox is an online video editing tool, incorporating many features that let you do everything from creating GIFs to turning your podcast into a video.

Once inside Motionbox’s editor, you’ll find music visualization tools among all the other options. Upload your audio, images or videos and add elements like text and visualizer. You can also use the stock visuals or a pre-made template. Whatever you choose, you can customize everything to your liking.

Videobolt is another great online music visualizer with a free version. You start with a wide range of styles for your video, such as retro, cartoon, grungy, and cinematic.

Select a model and the dimensions you need before opening the editor. Here you can customize your video in many ways.

Try the color variations of the model or change everything about it. For example, each pre-designed track can display a title, subtitle, logo, etc., which you can change without losing any effect.

The music visualizer comes with its own settings, ready to be adjusted if needed. Whether you keep the default audio or upload your own file in MP3, WAV, FLAC or M4A format, Videobolt gives you great creative freedom.

If you want eye-catching videos for your business, and not just for your entertainment, be sure to check out Veed.

Its basic functions are the same as Motionbox and Videobolt, but its templates cover various music visualization needs, whether it’s for your advertisement, banner, tutorial, or song release.

Veed’s editor offers many tools and is easy to use. For starters, you can use stored, downloaded, or recorded media. From there, add sound waves, captions, shapes, and text, whether typed or drawn.

There is a lot more to discover about this music visualizer without even having to upgrade to its premium version. In addition to enhancing your audio, Veed can be a powerful asset when building your personal brand image.

Specterr has lots of fun templates, designed by default for musicians, but they can be adapted for different projects. You can preview each one before making your choice.

Once in the editor, customize the viewer’s color, shape, motion, and effects. You can edit or delete existing text or add more, including lyrics. Personalize the video even more with custom background and sound.

Specterr is a great candidate for your music visualization needs. Its free version has just enough tools to get the job done, but a premium plan unlocks additional benefits like unlimited online storage and no watermarks.

Don’t overlook Renderforest in your search for the perfect online music visualizer. Like Veed, it offers professional and entertainment video templates.

Filter through its many interesting options based on aspect ratio, duration, frames per second and specific tags. You can also focus on 4K videos and those with AI-based animation script functionality.

After choosing a music visualization template, you have a few editing options. In viewer terms, what you see is what you get. But you can choose a slightly different style and change the text.

You add your audio file, which can only be a minute long on Renderforest’s free plan, and the platform merges everything into an attractive video. It is a simple but practical service.

If you like simplicity, try SongRender. There are no templates, you just need to choose your video size and upload an audio file and a background image.

Then you can customize the music visualizer against its background, while enhancing the whole video with text, progress bar or more images or waveforms.

SongRender is simple to use and perfect for producing your own content. To really impress your audience, make sure your visuals and audio files are of high quality. Use the best apps to record podcasts or other audio files, and do what you can to improve your home recording studio, if only to ensure clear and crisp sound.

For a completely free experience, explore Vizzy and its music visualization tools. It’s less user-friendly than the other platforms here, but regular practice will make it easier to create awesome videos.

On the plus side, you have plenty of features at your fingertips that let you edit everything from your sound, images, and videos to your audio visualizers, effects, and animations.

By playing around with the sliders, you can really fine-tune the performance of your music video, even when switching between 480, 720, and 1080p resolution. There is also a 3D mode.

In short, it’s a powerful, if not complex, platform for music visualization. You can work and save your projects for free online. Additionally, you are welcome to explore the creations of other users for inspiration or as templates for your own content.

A final and fun website that you should try is Bouncy Balls. It works differently in that instead of merging files and outputting videos, it visualizes the sounds of your surroundings.

You could sing, shout or play music. Bouncy Balls uses your microphone to pick up audio and blast its virtual balls around your monitor.

Choose a theme like emoji, numbers, or eyeballs. Adjust the total number of bullets and their sensitivity to sound. You can also select a sound alert, useful when trying to silence your students or colleagues, for example.

Looking for a simple audio visualizer with a fun twist? Bouncy Balls is a good place to start. If nothing else, it makes for an entertaining addition to apps that teachers can use in the classroom.

Merge your audio with visuals

There are several excellent options when it comes to online music visualizers, some offering robust video editing tools, others existing primarily for your entertainment. Explore them all to find the ideal solution for your projects.

If browser-based services aren’t enough, look at downloadable apps. The best ones can be more powerful, but also more expensive. Consider them carefully for your business needs.