Timbaland launches into Latin music with the new song by Paulo Londra

Timbaland exploits the Latin market. The world-renowned producer has teamed up with Argentinian artist Paulo Londra for their new song, “Toc Toc.” The song was released as part of a new Latin music initiative at Amazon Music, “The Genero”.

Timbaland is the hitmaker who produced hits for artists like Aaliyah, Justin Timberlake, and Nelly Furtado. Nowadays, Timbaland is very selective with the projects he works on, so it was surprising to see him team up with Londra for “Toc Toc”. London returned to the music scene this year when he signed a partnership with Warner Music Latina.

Londra started out freestyle rapping on the streets of Córdoba, and he returns to his roots in “Toc Toc”. Backed by very distinct and bizarre hip-hop beats courtesy of Timbaland, Londra says he came to Argentina to become one of the country’s greatest artists. The freestyle lasts less than two minutes, but Londra leaves an impact with its passionate bars. “It was a great experience and we hope you like the hit we prepared with Timbo and Fede for people! London said in a statement.

Londra and Timbaland’s “Toc Toc” was released as part of Amazon Music’s new Latin music initiative. The song leads the launch of “El Género”, an initiative that features new music, programming and editorial content highlighting the diversity and globalization of el movimiento.

“‘El Género’ shines a light on one of the most listened to genres of Latin music in the world, emphasizing the diversity of voices and sounds that contribute to the movement today”, said Rocio Guerrero, responsible for of Global Latin, Amazon Music, in a report. “From Argentinian trap to Dominican dembow and Colombian guaracha, these once local sounds are now traveling faster than ever, influencing artists around the world and being loved by fans everywhere.”

Listen to “Toc Knock” below.