TikTok’s new feature will be music to your ears

In the years since its debut, TikTok has almost single-handedly turned the way content platforms work. Thanks to the Breakout app from 2016, short video content now rules the internet.

There seem to be few social media companies operating online that haven’t adapted to the influence of TikTok in one way or another. Meta’s META response to this social media revolution came quickly in the form of abbreviated “Reels” on Instagram and Facebook.

alphabetical (GOOGL) also pays attention to the growth of the new social format. Google product manager Danielle Marshak said in an episode of the Search Off The Record podcast that the company is looking to make more use of TikTok and other short video content in users’ search results. And Google’s sister platform YouTube has also made room for the kind of fast-paced content that TikTok launched in the form of YouTube Shorts.

The social media sensation has managed to connect users with all kinds of content, from education to comedy to music. And now users can navigate directly from their favorite TikTok videos to events and concerts. Ticketmaster is the latest company to find creative ways to use TikTok’s internet takeover to launch it into the next era of entertainment.

Is TikTok the next big name in music streaming?

Ticketmaster recently announced an in-app feature for TikTok that helps users find local events and purchase tickets directly from the app.

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With the addition of the Ticketmaster TikTok tool, artists will be able to add links to their content directing viewers to the ticket sales service. At first, this service will only be available to a limited number of creators – stars like Demi Lovato, One Republic, The Backstreet Boys and WWE have already signed up to try the service. If this Ticket-Tok feature is successful, it will likely roll out to more artists.

Last May, TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, also filed a patent for “TikTok Music.” If successful, the app’s new feature aims to dethrone Spotify (PLACE) as the biggest player in the music streaming space. Musicians and performers have flocked to the app during the Covid-19 lockdown, with many switching from paid live shows to streaming performances for fans around the world to view.

Over the past few years, interactive social media apps like Instagram and TikTok have become a lifeline for many creators. Today, around 75 million people around the world have discovered new music through TikTok, so entering the music and performance market feels like the natural evolution of the service.

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Ticketmaster wants to reach a wider audience

Social media awareness is nothing new for Ticketmaster, a subsidiary of Live Nation Entertainment (LYV) . In February, the company announced plans to bring concert discovery features to Snapchat, and the service has been part of YouTube since 2017. The idea is to put the Ticketmaster brand and service in front of a younger generation of viewers.

The plan could lead to an increase in Ticketmaster’s visibility. It could also help revitalize a live music and events industry that is still recovering from the damage wrought by covid. However, Ticketmaster has seen its fair share of accessibility controversy. The company was recently roasted online for the exorbitant fees it added to Bruce Springsteen tickets. Once Ticketmaster has established itself on TikTok, it could still be the recipient of comic ire and creator calls.