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As part of their promotions for his latest comeback, ODDINARY, stray kids had an interview with Resultwhere they talked about everything they hope fans will get out of listening ODDINARY

Stray Kids Bang Chan | Consequence/YouTube

Not everyone is weird and the way everyone seems to be, you know, out of the ordinary.

-Bang Chan

… To the variations between “MANIAC” and “THUNDEROUS…”

Stray Kids Felix | Consequence/YouTube

Listening to “MANIAC” is not only punchy, but I guess it has another, I guess cooler side to it.


… For Han realizing he was unaware of a key item in his room…

Stray Kids Han | Consequence/YouTube

And Bang Chan came by to ask me something…


…to the style of music they might most need to try.

When the interviewer first asked the members what genres they should try, Bang Chan chimed in that the members are “always open” to any style.

(top, left to right) Stray Kids ‘IN, Seungmin, Bang Chan, Hyunjin, (back, left to right) Han, Changbin, Felix and Lee Know | Consequence/YouTube

I mean, we’re still open.

-Bang Chan

And, definitely, Stray Kids has often confirmed that they will sort out and remove any styles of music they fight. With their discography, which incorporates a large number of songs produced and written by the members themselves, ranging from extra lyrical tracks to rock and EDM.

But while Bang Chan and the rest of the members seemed to have no particular genre in mind, Han knew exactly what idea he had to try.

| Consequence/YouTube

I have to try the… the… Do you remember the unit monitor that Bang Chan and Hyunjin made together?


Han quickly introduced “Red Lights,” a unit monitor by Bang Chan and hyunjin.

Hyunjin in “Red Lights”

“Red Lights” was part of another collection on Stray Kids’ YouTube channel, “[SKZ SONG CAMP] Howl in Harmony,” where all the members were split into teams to provide music and film a music video. Giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at their more typical journey.

In addition to “Red Lights”, Han, seungminand IN launched “Gone Away”.

Han in “Gone Away”

And Lee know, Changbinand Felix launched “Surfin’.”

(left to right) Lee Know, Changbin and Felix in “Surfin'”

As Changbin explains, “Red Lights” had a “sexy” style that Han says can be exciting to try out since they never realized an idea like that as a full band.

| Consequence/YouTube

So an attractive thing?


| Consequence/YouTube

“We haven’t done a genre like ‘Red Lights’ collectively as a team but, so if we try…


Even as Bang Chan expresses his surprise in the background, Han is undeterred to share that he thinks he will share a whole new side of it with fans.

| Consequence/YouTube

… Such a style, I believe we can present a really completely different facet of us.


Han even goes so far as to say that Bang Chan should take off his shirt like he did in the Kingdom the effectiveness of “WOLFGANG”.

| Consequence/YouTube

You will take off your clothes like in “WOLFGANG”.


And even though Bang Chan tries to teasingly tell them that they all have to take their clothes off…

| Consequence/YouTube

So do we take off all our clothes?

-Bang Chan

… Han is a teasing agency that only Bang Chan will do.

| Consequence/YouTube

No. Just you.


Why am I the only one?

-Bang Chan

While fans can certainly anticipate any pattern of attempted music from Stray Kids, it will no doubt be interesting to see the whole band sort out a “Red Lights” type idea.

You can watch the rest of the interview here.