State of the Music Festival: From Surviving the Pandemic to Fighting Inflation

KIRTLAND, Ohio – The number of music festivals around the world has grown steadily in the 21st century. But the industry went offline in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

How the industry is coming back and what it looks like post-pandemic, while dealing with inflation was the subject of’s latest live episode CLE Rocks Podcast.

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Journalist Troy L. Smith stopped by this year’s Wonderstruck Music & Arts Festival on July 10 to take the stage for a special edition of CLE Rocks.

He was joined by a panel consisting of Steve Oberman, head of music at See Tickets, Andrea Smith, tour manager for Vampire Weekend and LCD Soundsystem, Jackie Popovec, singer of Youngstown The Vindys, and Denny Young, co-founder and President of Elevation Fiestas.

Topics covered ranged from how the economy has affected ticket sales, how to maintain a successful music festival, what goes into building a lineup, and how performing at such an important event can benefit both emerging and established artists.

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