Spotify is experimenting with NFT galleries of musicians

Spotify is testing a way for artists to display their collections of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), as first reported by music ally. The music streaming platform has rolled out the test for some users on Android in the US and currently includes NFT previews for artists like Steve Aoki and The Wombats.

“Spotify is running a trial in which it will help a small group of artists promote their existing third-party NFT offerings through their artist profiles,” a Spotify spokesperson said in a statement to music ally. “We regularly run a number of tests with the aim of improving the experience for artists and fans. Some of these tests end up paving the way for a larger experience and some are just for important learning. Spotify did not immediately respond to The edgerequest for comment.

More and more companies are trying to catch the NFT wave, but it looks like this initial surge may be running out of steam (at least for now). According to The Wall Street Journal, daily NFT sales fell 92% from 225,000 in September last year to just 19,000 as of May 3. The number of active NFT wallets is also down, from around 119,000 in November to 14,000 towards the end of April.

You can view NFT galleries from selected artist profiles.

I noticed that I had access to the test after updating Spotify. When I browsed the artist pages for Steve Aoki and The Wombats, I saw that the NFT gallery was under the artist’s header and song list. Clicking it reveals a collection of NFTs that you can scroll through. If you select an NFT, you’ll see an enlarged version of it, along with a brief description.

Spotify will also give you the “See more” option, which will direct you to the NFT’s page on OpenSea where you can buy it. But keep in mind that Spotify doesn’t seem to support NFTs that are videos or GIFs – Spotify only displays a static image of the NFT in the app, not the full video. It also doesn’t include sound, which is quite odd for a music streaming platform. You can only listen to the NFT or see if it is a video or a GIF by clicking on its page on OpenSea.

According to music ally, Spotify will not collect commission for NFT sales made through the app and is just testing the integration. It’s also unclear if the test has been made available to other artists or if it’s limited to Steve Aoki and The Wombats at this time.

Rumors of Spotify entering the Web3 space surfaced in March after the company posted two jobs related to blockchain technology and NFTs. Like music ally Remarks, some users report see a survey appear on the Spotify app that also asks them about their feelings on NFTs. In addition to Spotify, Instagram also started testing NFT integration last week.