Sony Music files trademark application on music NFTs

US-based entertainment company Sony Music has filed a trademark to cover its music NFTs. This was made known by a trademark attorney, Mike KondoudisSeptember 6:

Sony’s app is for music and artists signed under the Records of Colombia logo. And this will cover their text, artwork, audio, video, live performance and NFT-authenticated music distribution.

The non-fungible market has been a playground for Sony since 2021 when in Partnership with AMC, NFTs were offered to fans who purchase Spider-Man tickets in advance. Sony Music too published Baby Shark NFTs with Pinpong in December 2021.

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NFT, metaverse and the entertainment industry

Today, NFTs are no longer intended for commerce and gaming, but are being brought fully into the world of entertainment in various use cases.

Eminem and Snoop Dogg are among the world’s top stars who have incorporated NFTs into their works. Last month, the MTV Video Music Award saw the duo perform their songs in a metaverse designed by Yuga Labs.

There is now an award for Best Metaverse Performance initiated by MTV to celebrate musical performances made in the Metaverse. And the first recipient was Blackpink showing that acceptance of NFTs and the metaverse is growing.

Apart from Sony, netflix, monster cat, Fox Companyand Universal images are the top entertainment companies looking into NFTs and the Metaverse.