QRS Music Technologies, Inc. Releases QRS-Tracks App for IOS and Apple Watch

SENECA, Pa., May 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — QRS Music Technologies, Inc. (OTCB: QRSM), a 122-year-old leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of music technology, hardware, software, software services and music content, announces the release of the QRS-Tracks and Apple Watch app. It is the first IOS-based activity tracker for music makers. It transparently captures musical performance data on the fly (vocals, instruments…). It is then archived and analyzed in a personal music-focused QRS-Connect.com cloud account.

QRS-Tracks allow a music creator to quickly capture music and additional relevant data without having to take the time to open studio equipment. It is then automatically named, saved and archived to a free personal music-focused cloud account on QRS-Connect.com.

The recorded track along with its relevant data can then be previewed, downloaded, shared and analyzed. All downloaded tracks can be played back with graphical representations of changes over time in performance biometrics like movement, heart rate and location.

“This is another step of many to come where QRS will provide and apply software and hardware tools to make your music creation and learning more enjoyable and less time consuming. QRS-Tracks and Watch App do not require any hardware Custom QRS for capturing your music. This greatly opens up the platform to many more new users. Now all artists’ performances can be easily recorded, categorized and analyzed in their private music-focused QRS-Connect cloud.” declared Thomas DolanPresident and CEO.

“QRS-Connect.com is the very first platform of its kind focused on music creators to connect, archive, share, learn and enjoy your music. As the user base grows, we will continue to add analytics and connection capabilities to QRS-Connect’s cloud platform.”

QRS, best known for its leadership in digital and acoustic piano content and technologies, including PNOscan® and PNOmation®, already offers all its PNOmation customers a free QRS-Connect.com account. Now, QRS-Tracks allows any musician to use the features of the QRS-Connect account.

Signing up for a QRS-Connect account can be done on the app or at QRS-Connect.com.

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QRS-Tracks & QRS-Connect & QRS-Sessions – on-the-fly tracking and connecting musicians with clients

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