One-of-a-kind alternative rap music: Mayne continues to flaunt his captivating tracks

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, Aug. 10, 2022 / — Channeling songs that speak to the soul and conscience, Mayne is creating quite a buzz by immersing his listeners in original and relatable musical compositions. Despite modest means, he beat the odds and made his mark in the music industry as a recording artist that means business. As the founder of the 3rd Eye Logic (3EL) brand, Mayne found the perfect tools to independently showcase not only his musical caliber, but his prowess across his businesses – 3rd Eye Logic Clothing, Meditation Supplies and 3rd Eye Logic. Movie Production.

His most recent track, “Still Gon Do It,” is a testament to his seasoned musical philosophy, presenting listeners with memorable beats and catchy melodies that captivate and captivate.

Mayne’s vibrant discography is inspired by real-life situations, touching on a range of diverse themes and delivering thought-provoking lyricism. This year alone he released the EP ‘Ball, Today, Ase’, tracks ‘Odyssey’, ‘Yah’, ‘Know’, ‘Flip It’ and the aforementioned, ‘Still Gon Do It’. Jeffrey T Bets and Young C Beats produced most of the tracks, and all were carefully written and recorded by Mayne. He believes that all forms of music have a connected energy, negative or positive. He also hopes to provide guidance through his music and inspire anyone in a low state to overcome and overcome obstacles.

Standing out in the world of hip-hop with the power of her soulful voice and flow, the talented powerhouse conjures up several different styles – from blues to alternative rock and rap, while always staying true to her spiritual character. Referred to by all musical genres, Mayne shares, “You have to listen carefully to my music because I can have double meanings throughout the track. I think it’s just part of my style of poetry. Most of my covers of my music are my vision, and I try to have them created in depth like the songs are. I would like it to come to life when you look at the cover and listen to the song.

Discover Mayne’s records through your favorite streaming platform, including Spotify. Shop 3rd Eye Logic’s merchandise on its official website and follow Mayne on Instagram to keep up with new releases and efforts.

About Mayne
Jamel DeMarco Swain, professionally known as Mayne, is a spiritually-focused artist who speaks about emotions and the psyche rather than “ego.” He was born in Mississippi, moved from Milwaukee to Indianapolis and eventually settled in Prince George’s County, Maryland where he spent most of his childhood. He was the only boy among four siblings and was raised by a hardworking single mother. Although he grew up in a neighborhood involved in violence and drugs, he saw life from a different perspective. He has made it his goal to keep his hands clean for the sake of his family and future generations. Very early on, he knew he had to sacrifice and sweat to grow. After high school, he joined the Marine Corps, and since he was always away from home, music was his main means of escape. He started writing, and that’s when “Mayne” was born. After serving his time on active duty, he left as a veteran with a hunger to make music.

In 2006 he produced an EP, “Burn Da Game”, and performed on shows throughout the DMV area. Even with those milestones, he felt miserable trying to please everyone but himself. After receiving a dose of reality with death, fake love situations and the birth of his son, he decided to take a break. He had no intention of returning to the music scene, but due to several spiritual experiences, he was forced to return to the path and keep moving forward. Mayne’s first official EP was “Soul Speak”, released in 2018, followed by five singles. Then in 2020, the EP “Ouroboros” was released, which includes his critically acclaimed track, “Think Bigger”.

Inspired by blues, funk, R&B, hip-hop and rock, Mayne believes music is a gift from the soul or energy that influences you. Known for his music that aims to help, inform and uplift, Mayne has always been confident and never fails to shine in anything he creates, making him one of today’s up-and-coming talents.

“The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of understanding.” -Mayne

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