Olivia Newton-John Songs Get 614% Rise In Streaming After Death

It’s her they still want – the millions of Olivia Newton-John fans who were prompted by the news of her death to rewatch her hits on streaming services.

On-demand audio and video streams for Newton-John’s music totaled 11,267,494 for the week ending August 11, according to Luminate Data. Variety. What was this increase? It marked a 614% increase from the previous week, which ended on August 4.

This is particularly impressive given that the artist’s death was announced well before the week of the chart, on August 8, which means the numbers really only represent four days of increased activity at the peak of the norm. . The previous week, Newton-John had 1,577,978 on-demand streams. That, in itself, was still a considerable amount for someone who last commanded the US charts in the early 1980s.

Its circulation saw a bigger percentage increase, increasing 1481% week-over-week. Its broadcast viewership in the week ending August 4 was a modest 382,500. But for the week that began three days before his death, the broadcast audience grew to 6,048,300.

The increase in sales was the biggest percentage increase of all, although sales matter little in the age of streaming. Album sales rose 2,135% to 5,836 copies for the past week, compared to just 241 the previous week.

If you’re wondering how the “Grease” soundtrack fared, its total streams rose “only” 231% — the lesser jump than for Newton-John’s catalog in general reflecting the fact that, eh Well, a lot of people are just streaming “Grease” at some point already.

For the week ending August 11, “Grease” songs had 8,418,675 on-demand streams, per Luminate. That was up from 2,540,498 fat flows the previous week.

Album sales were up 1339%, though again, purchases of complete copies are a very small slice of the music pie.

Viewership for “Grease” tracks increased 156% for the chart week, from 2,413,900 impressions to 6,172,700 listeners hearing Sandy Olsson sing with and without Danny Zuko.