New musical choices: Karol G, Selena Gomez, Selene and more

Welcome to LATINA’s weekly roundup of the best new music releases. This week’s list features the return of Karol G, a new album from Selena, the queen of Tejano music, and the emergence of Mexican singer Selene. It’s been a great week in music for the women named Selena.

Also on the list: Selena Gomez teams up with Rema, Ptazeta and Villano Antillano join forces, and Snow tha Product jumps to a Steve Aoki song. Additionally, Tokischa releases steamy “Delincuente” and Jota Rosa debuts “Como Ñengo.”

Karol G and Maldy, “Gatubela”

Karol G had one of the biggest hits of the year with the superb “Provenza”. Now, the Colombian superstar has finally dropped her follow-up single “Gatúbela,” which translates to “Catwoman” in English. For his scorching title, Karol G teamed up with half of the Plan B duo, Maldy. She channels more of the old school Puerto Rican, perreo-ready sound, while singing about being on the prowl for quite a while. In the bizarre music video, Karol G rocks her new red hair color for the first time. His Strip Love tour begins in the United States on September 6.

Selena, “Enamorada De Ti”

This year, we have the opportunity to discover Selena’s music in a new way with her album “Moonchild Mixes”. The superstar’s brother, AB Quintanilla III, has transformed songs she recorded as a teenager into modern techno cumbias and remastered her vocals to sound more mature. The star of the LP is the charming “Enamorada De Ti”. Backed by walls of synths, Selena brings heartbreak to the dance floor as she begs her lover not to leave her. “We hope [the fans] fall in love with the music that was created for this new album,” Suzette Quintanilla, Selena’s sister, told LATINA. As for the future of Selena’s catalog, their father, Abraham Quintanilla, Jr., revealed that Q Productions owns 50 of Selena’s songs. “We could do 10 more songs in a different way, in a different genre,” he added.

Selene, “Aquel Bolero”

Selene was one of our favorites at the Mexico City ceremony in April, where she performed the song “Aquel Bolero” for the first time. Now, the Mexican singer-songwriter has finally released the tender track, and it was worth the wait. She co-wrote “Bolero” with co-star “Rebelde” Saak, who also produced it. As the title suggests, she brings a new R&B twist to the age-old bolero genre. Trap-lite beats are included in the lush production as “La Nena de Acapulco” sings about enjoying an otherworldly romance. She sounds like a Latina Aaliyah with her light, angelic voice gliding across the floor. Selene is an independent revelation with this breathtaking ballad. Mexican pop star Danna Paola recently featured Selene in her “XT4S1S” music video.

Rema and Selena Gomez, “Calm Down”

Selena Gomez debuts for the first time in Afrobeats alongside Rema. The Nigerian singer-songwriter features Gomez on a remix of his song “Calm Down”, originally released on Rema’s album “Rave & Roses” in March. On the delicate title, he masterfully mixes afrobeats with a rustic pop touch. Gomez finds her place in the genre by playfully bouncing off Rema’s rhymes. “Dance with me and take the lead now,” she sings. She beautifully follows his example in this sincere and captivating collaboration. Earlier this year, Gomez teamed up with Coldplay for “Let Somebody Go” from the band’s “Music of the Spheres” album.

Tokischa, Anuel AA and Ñengo Flow, “Delincuente”

Tokischa circulates new music. Earlier this month, the rising Dominican star teamed up with Eladio Carrión for “Hola” and Ozuna for “Somo Iguales.” She continues her impressive collaborations with Puerto Rican heavyweights for her new single “Delincuente”. Anuel AA and Ñengo Flow feature on his raunchy dembow banger that blends seamlessly into reggaeton elements, where Tokischa sings about wanting a bad guy in his room so they can have a criminally hot time together. The sexy music video was shot in the Dominican Republic. Anuel AA’s wife and fellow Dominican artist Yailin La Más Viral makes an appearance in the video.

Ptazeta and Villano Antillano, “Mujerón”

Two of Latin music’s queer rising stars have joined forces. Spanish rapper Ptazeta has teamed up with Puerto Rican artist Villano Antillano for the empowering “Mujerón”. The collaboration marks an important moment for LGBTQ+ representation in reggaeton, Ptazeta identifies as queer, and Antillano maintains it for trans women in the genre. Backed by eerie beats with a touch of trap, Ptazeta and Antillano trade verses about living life to the fullest. Women just want to have fun, and that’s exactly what they’re doing in this fierce anthem that pushes back against machismo in the Latinx community.

Jota Rosa, Feid and Kris Floyd, “Como Ñengo”

Jota Rosa made his debut as an artist under the wing of Puerto Rican hitmaker Tainy. Rosa has written and produced hits for artists like Selena Gomez, Bad Bunny and J Balvin, but he’s now helming his new single “Como Ñengo” with fellow Boricua singer Kris Floyd and Colombian star Feid. Rosa takes reggaeton into the future with her atmospheric production while including moments that hark back to the genre’s classic perreo roots. Feid’s seductive vocals and Floyd’s sultry flow make this sweet love all the more irresistible as they sing world-class romance. “Como Ñengo” will be included on Tainy’s upcoming album “Club Dieciseis 2”.

Steve Aoki, Santa Fe Klan & Snow Tha Product, “Ultimate”

Steve Aoki shows his support for the Mexican rap scene. The internationally acclaimed DJ has teamed up with rappers Santa Fe Klan and Snow Tha Product for his new single “Ultimate.” While Santa Fe Klan proudly holds on for Mexico, Snow Tha Product adds Mexican-American flair with their bilingual flow. Aoki supports both artists with tribal house beats, as they boast of being the best. The aggressive rhymes of Santa Fe Klan are well complemented by the ferocious flow of Snow Tha Product. Steve throws a party with this world banger and everyone is invited to party with him.