Music: OGB Recent – ​​Abi You Wan Collect

A rising comedian and creator of fun sketches, OGB Recent finally showed his musical side by releasing this jam named “Abi You Wan Collects.”

If someone types and tells you that a rare gem in the comedy industry like OGB Recent will make everyone happy in 2022, you sure won’t agree with that. Taking the bill by the horn captivating fans with his own cult style, he delivers a beautiful melody named “Abi You Wan Collects.”

His fame hasn’t matured yet and he’s already getting all the credit he deserves. Adding its accolades with an endorsement deal including Betfuse and also adding a luxury car, Benz to its collection, 2022 saw OGB Recent from afar and squeezed it closer to its heart.

Apparently the sound “Abi You Wan Collects” by OGB Recent is already making waves on TikTok with fans already recording and using the sound to create content online.

How did he make himself known? With what little we know, he is popular with his green and white shirt where he was seen in a viral video asking a man on a bicycle after a ride “you ask a sectarian for money, abi you have won to collect…” OGB Recent has finally found a way to make Nigerians proud of its “cult jokes” and put them into a song, “Abi You Wan Collect” is what people want to hear even more.

OGB Recent is known by his real name, Micheal Charles and with plenty of involvement with the comedy greats, he has most things to do going forward. He’s always preached against the cult, but making people laugh is what really interests him.

Finally, this full song titled “Abi You Wan Collect” is already out and ready to hit the mainstream; sometimes taking us to the dance floor.

“Abi You Wan Collect” has catchy lyrics like:

I speak you speak
Shey wanna collect?
I speak you speak
Poco Lee is dancing, you’re watching
Abi you won to collect?
You outrun the cultist
Abi do you want to collect?

To listen “Abi You Wan Collectsby OGB Recent below: