Moringa juice maker turns to music | Entertainment

Popular Spanish town, St. Catherine personality and businessman, Sean Grant, better known as “Moringa Boss”, is shaking things up with his recent investment in music.

He released his first rhythm project titled “Boss Riddim” in May, which features seven dancehall numbers including Chronic Law, Shaqstar, ZiZi 6ixx, Franco Wildlife, Travalaunch, Venom and Mad Dawg. Rhythm is fused with bass, percussion and synth to add an element of the rock music genre.

“Music is self-expression and a true reflection of a journey through our daily lives, fiction and non-fiction. This project is to make my mark in the music industry at home and abroad. foreign, maintaining the original dancehall with the current rhythm that is used by the young generation of dancehall artists,” said Moringa Boss. THE STAR.

He has gained attention with his company, which focuses on making products from moringa, which is famous for its natural healing abilities. The company, Moringa Family Production, has grown over the past five years. He gained support from members of the entertainment industry, including Iba Mahr, for whom he acted as a road manager, and Bugle, who saw the entrepreneur in and around events selling what is called the “magic juice”.

“I got into the health food industry because I realized that these items we make weren’t readily available in Jamaican stores, and I could fill that need. But I’m involved in the industry music since the early 2000s, working with Iba Mahr and also writing songs,” said Moringa Boss.

Now he has expressed an interest in producing for these artists, among other great reggae and dancehall artists, with the aim of “making music for all reasonings and for all seasons”.

Since the release of the Chronic Law track on the beat, which is titled The rapidityMoringa Boss said he was getting career-changing comments, both locally and internationally.

Last Friday, Moringa Boss Music label released Shaqstar’s second track and clip titled Psychopathic.

“It took us about a year to record with each artist for the project. After hearing the finished beat for the first time, I was able to identify a few dancehall acts that I wanted to be in it, and he was one of them. them,” Moringa Boss shared.