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French synthwave icon Carpenter Brut is back with the brand new album leather terrorreleased today via Universal.

leather terror is the second of Carpenter Brut Leather album trilogy, the next chapter after her widely acclaimed 2018 album Leather teeth.

Together, the albums form the soundtrack of an imaginary film from 1987!

Leather teeth introduces the story of Bret Halford, an introverted science student. He liked a girl who didn’t like him and much preferred the team’s star quarterback. Bret got angry and tried to create a concoction that would allow him to control them all, but ends up disfigured and decides to become a rock star instead. This is how he will seduce the young girl, and all the other girls: By becoming Leather Teeth, lead singer of Leather Patrol.

Now, leather terror finds Bret Halford as a true rock star and a ruthless avenger. The leather teeth inflict vengeance on those who stand between him and what he desires. While the album Leather teeth was in part a celebratory take on ’80s glam rock, in its new opus Carpenter Brut – in the space of twelve tracks – gets more malevolent, documenting its protagonist’s rise as a serial killer out for revenge. of everyone who abused him when he was younger.

leather terror welcomes a large number of guests:

In addition to the aforementioned Greg Puciato on new single “Imaginary Fire”, Alex Westaway of Gunboat gives vocals to the pounding synth pop of “The Widowmaker” (“a rather particular hybrid timbre”), and Ben Koller of Converge and Jonka of Tribulation appear on the ominous title track, which closes the story. The Norwegian group Ulver and Catherine Shepard Of the band Sylvain are also on board as well as Perch – a Parisian singer – who contacted Carpenter Brut directly to initiate a collaboration.

Førtifem’s art is what brings the whole concept together. The duo discuss their relationship, the development of the “Leather” trilogy concept, and also share some of the really cool ’80s-themed art that’s applied to the new product.

Declaration of FøRTIFEM:

“At first, Carpenter Brut introduced himself to us as a guy who makes electro music, not cool, not Parisian, asking us for a logo. April 10 of this year will mark the exact day the Brutagram files were delivered, ten years ago, and we never expected such a ride, as if this strange pentagonal vortex swallowed us when we summoned it .

“In that decade, we gave Giorgio Moroder a trephination, drew the same weathered and rotten trilogy cover three times, drank too many cocktails, built a church, became experts in drawing Dobermans, played football American, founded a university, immersed in the worst motels and dark alleys, made t-shirts for a hair metal band, posters for slasher movies and even saw a hair metal musician turn into a slasher.

“With Carpenter Brut, we are not completely creating musical works of art, we are building a cinematic universe, one piece of merchandising, one cover, one still image at a time.

“Five years ago he introduced us to Bret Halford, and we helped give him the scarred face he has now, on the cover of Leather Teeth. Carpenter Brut and No Quarter Prod told us the story of this weird, pissed-off singer who embarks on a plan for revenge, awakened from the shimmering ashes of his school bullying past, struggling to overcome his grief as a young sophomore.

“We had to imagine a nerdy kid planning to confess his love to the Principal Midwich High Cheerleader despite nagging jocks, and ending up as a survivor of chemical burns from a love potion making accident, and who transformed him into the radiant, glittering monster also known as the leader of Leather Patrol.

“For Leather Teeth, the first installment in the Leather Trilogy, we focused on Bret’s face, and had to delve into the hair metal aesthetic. It wasn’t planned, but we got acquainted with Bret Michaels, Sebastian Bach and all those glam artists. Now we instinctively know what bandana you can strap on snake boots, how many chains a leather belt can hold, and how to enhance the sexiness of a Poison shirt by cutting out the sleeves and neck. We also had to create young Bret’s teenage bedroom, inspired by ours when we were kids, and all the ones we visited in early 90s movies, filled with lame posters, fake bands, pirate toys, videos, tissues, which was a really fun time.

“Then the dark times came, with Leather Terror. Bret got violent and things literally went downhill.

“Carpenter Brut suggested we could stack the covers of this trilogy, this one focusing 12 inches lower, directly on Bret’s gleaming chest and knife, with a godsend of glistening blood, and a grittier vibe and a made more sparkling. Inside the album, things got darker too, as agreed with Carpenter Brut, it was necessary to imagine and unveil, Bret’s lair, a ransacked motel room, with as always a photo of Kendra, the first high school crush, reigning over all the other girls in the magazines covering the hall floor.

“Since the album, we’ve done over a dozen fake photo shoots or paparazzi stills of Bret Halford posing, singing, or killing, and we’re afraid we’ve got a lot more to create for that the world can see how glamorous and hideous the leader of Leather Patrol can be, and what a heartache in high school can do When will this terrible spiral end? go before someone stops him?

“To be continued… in a few years!”


I was introduced to the work of illustrator duo Førtifem in 2011 when I was looking for artists to design my logo. I thought it was important to have a punchy logo because it’s kind of the first thing people see, before they even hear a single note, and it’s also what represents the project the most. For the logo, I had given them two words: Sex and Satan. In exchange, I received this beautiful rose stylized in the shape of a pentagon like an “impossible object”. The contract has been fulfilled. Since then, they’ve done all of Carpenter Brut’s official visuals, from album covers to t-shirt designs and promotional artwork. I wanted to keep this visual consistency, like Iron Maiden with Derek Riggs. I think it’s more interesting and more fun to stay visually consistent than to change it every time. And since we’ve known each other for ten years now, Førtifem and I have no trouble understanding each other, everything is very fluid. I know their work and they know how to anticipate what I like. We are a kind of old couple who have no secrets from each other. This is also the advantage of working over the long term, it avoids having to start from scratch each time. So when I started the “Leather” trilogy, we imagined that the three album covers could represent Bret Halford in its entirety, once the trilogy was finished. That’s why Bret Halford’s torso is featured on the second cover. As the second part of the “Leather” trilogy was going to be darker and more violent in terms of atmosphere and sound than the previous album, I had the idea of ​​the knife on the cover because I had in mind the poster of “Maniac” by William Lustig where we can see, among other things, a hand with a knife. I asked them that the artwork be in very dark and aggressive red and black tones, and that the interior artwork be a dirty, dark hotel room. Indeed, Bret Halford having become a star of glam rock, adored by his fans, nothing is more cliché than a messy hotel room. In this second part, Bret is blinded and thirsty for revenge, caught between his reality as a rock star and his fantasy of taking revenge on those who humiliated him in high school, it was necessary to add gore elements, in “serial killer” mode. . After all, the “Leather” trilogy are fake slasher movie soundtracks!

“In order to bring a fun spirit and taking the gore imagery in reverse, I asked Førtifem to add glitter and sparkles in the blood on the pocket knife, to keep this festive and disco that I like. That’s also why in the clip “the wife maker” we replaced the blood with glitter, bubbles and confetti. It’s also a way of reminding us that all this is just art, an ode – in my own way – to horror films, and that it’s useless to take it all seriously.

“I usually give as much importance to the visuals as the music in Carpenter Brut. In Carpenter Brut, Førtifem’s art is omnipresent: in the merchandising, in the record cases, on the concert posters, etc. They’re sort of my visual ambassadors, so you can’t go wrong. I know I made the right choice with them, haha.


  • opening title
  • straight out of hell
  • The Widowmaker
  • imaginary fire
  • … Good night Good Bye
  • Tracker of the day
  • Night Prowler
  • Lipstick Masquerade
  • color my blood
  • Stabat Mater
  • Paradisi Gloria
  • leather terror

to listen leather terror here: