Instagram Reels Star Makes Subodh Su2 Music Trend On Social Media

Would it be wrong to say that Instagram Reels is where you first encounter the latest music more than anywhere else? Gone are the days when musicians had to depend on radio stations and music TV channels to spread their music across India.

Promoting music on radio and television was not only a time-consuming process, but musicians also had to shell out huge sums for music promotions. Today, music from various genres and languages ​​is appearing on Instagram Reels for the first time.

People go to YouTube and other music streaming platforms to listen to the full version of the music they’ve heard on Reels.

The advent of a short video format on Instagram has helped Subodh Waghamare and many other musicians like him to multiply their reach and show their creativity to a wider audience spread across the globe.

Most of us would agree that music is an emotion. Thus, it transcends the barrier of language and country when the musicians manage to push their music to the blood and bones of the listeners.

Subodh Waghamare, also known as Subodh Su2, has excelled in helping him determine what audiences will enjoy and what he will show.

Hailing from Latur, Maharashtra, Subodh is a music producer and Disc Jockey (DJ) who has made a name for himself in the music world in a very short time. On his journey to becoming a musician with millions of YouTube views, Instagram Reels have helped Subodh immensely on his way to the million mark.

Instagram lets its users choose what music to play and show off their talent to the world. This amazing Instagram feature turned out to be a major boost for Subodh Waghmare’s music career. Instagram Reels stars, as expected, immediately fell in love with Subodh’s haunting music and started making videos about his music.

Most of Subodh’s music including Satya, Lion, Mulshi Pattern, Amitabh, Rocky, Sultan Mirza, Asli Gangster and Sanju Baba is available on Instagram Reels. Among them, Satya song has more than three lakh thirty two thousand reels made on his music, and the number keeps growing. Other songs also have at least a lakh of reels made to their music and dialogue.

This young and talented Maharashtrian musician is the man behind ‘Sanju Baba’, which is considered Subodh’s masterpiece. Sanju Baba’s song has garnered over 46 million views on YouTube.

However, Sanju Baba is not only the only feather in his cap. Subodh Waghmare’s songs Satya and Lion also went viral on YouTube and Instagram Reels and have been highly rated by stars and Reels viewers.

Subodh Waghmare’s creativity and love for music shows that the internet still has room for new musicians like him. Social media helped Subodh cross 741,000 subscribers on YouTube, a great achievement and an inspiration for him to produce more groovy music for his fans and followers.

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Posted on January 16, 2022