Great Original Songs Performed On The Show – Billboard

Although shows like The voice and american idol focus only on the musicians, America’s Got Talent has had its fair share of hit musical moments. Amid magicians and ventriloquists, the music tends to rise to the top. In fact, eight of the show’s winners so far are musicians. With famous judges who have included Simon Cowell, Brandy, Mel Band Julianne Hough over the seasons, it’s certainly no small feat to sing in front of the panel.

In its 17 seasons so far, the popular NBC talent competition show has launched Billboard-map acts such as Michael Grimm, Grace Vander Waaland Bianca Ryan. The UK equivalent of the show, England has an incredible talentpresented to the world Susan Boyle — a singer who topped the Billboard 200 twice in a year after her second-place finish on the show’s third season.

While most AGT musical acts tend to perform covers for their auditions and subsequent live performances, some contestants are fearless enough to come up with original songs. Ranging from ruminations on depression to dedications to fathers, these original tunes span a myriad of genres and themes. Nonetheless, the performers generally impressed the judges and, more importantly, the viewers to some extent.

During the current season of America’s Got Talent, five of the six acts to receive the Golden Buzzer were musicians, and two of them sang original songs. Not relying on familiar melodies and lyrics to get ahead in the competition can seem daunting, but there are America’s Got Talent contestants who rose to the challenge and delivered some of the most memorable moments in music and television with their own musical creations.

Read on for 17 of the best original songs – in order of season – in America’s Got Talent the story.