Frank Ocean’s Debut Album: Frank Ocean shares unreleased music on his 10th anniversary debut album “Channel Orange”

Frank Ocean, the famous American songwriter, rapper and singer, recently shared two tracks of his unreleased music as a gesture to celebrate ten years of his debut album “Channel Orange”.

Where was the piece of music posted?

His new music can be heard on recent episodes (airing July 10, 2022, Sunday) of Blonded Radio, which happens to be Frank Ocean’s Apple Music 1 show.

The first episode of Blonded Radio (titled Blonded Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds) shows a conversation between writer Dr. Fadiman and a psychologist. The scene where the two talk about psychedelics and micro-dosing has an instrumental background score produced by Ocean.

Episode two (titled Blonded Energy), features Ocean conversing with a teacher and teacher name Mingtong Gu, who is a master who specializes in Qigong – A Chinese healing practice. The stage also features Ocean’s second music in the form of background scores.

The musician’s online store has also been supported with different merchandise, which also includes a Blonded Radio t-shirt and a Channel Orange album poster.

In December 2021, in a special Christmas edition, the singer-songwriter also shared a song (duration: nine minutes) on the same program. The episode featured athlete Wim “The Iceman” Hof and a Dutch motivational speaker.

What are some other famous songs from Ocean’s career?

Frank Ocean is a critically acclaimed music maker and has yielded numerous hits. His debut album Channel Orange premiered in 2012, after which he came with Blonde in 2016. Ocean gave back-to-back hits after 2016. Some of the songs are DHL, In My Room, Cayendo, and Dear April.

What are Frank Ocean’s upcoming projects?

According to reports, the singer will begin his journey in the film industry, apparently as a director and is expected to direct his first film.

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