FOGMMON president urges young people to participate in WWW music concert

1 The Fellowship of Gospel Music Ministers of Nigeria (FOGMMON) has urged young talents to participate in the annual live gospel music recording concert “Worship Works Wonders” (WWW), to reposition God as their first love.


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3 Mr. Asu Ekiye, National President, gave advice during the fourth edition of WWW themed “Meet the 4th Man” held in Abuja.

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5 Ekiye said an overwhelming participation of young people would definitely bring a positive effect, due to the fact that the program was designed to influence and impact young people.


seven “If young people get involved by participating fully, it will go a long way to bringing about positive changes in their lives.


9 “It will also help them to become a true, reputable worshiper by bringing down the glory of God,” he said.


11 Speaking at the event, Victor Bulus, Royal Father, Autan Zaki Ikon Allah, Taraba praised the organizer of the program, Mrs. Marie Johnson, saying he saw God taking people to their destinies and levels in life.


13 Bulus, who is an apostle and also known as the Emir of the Gospel of Sarain Waka, said the program was aimed at uniting people, showing the world the power of God, as they bring down the glory of God on earth through worship.


15 “I am happy to be a part of this great event, my expectations are high as it is a mandate to depopulate hell and populate heaven as ministers will serve to the glory of God.

16 “This type of scheme should be encouraged by politicians, royal fathers, investors and philanthropists, for adequate support because of its effect in the lives of young Nigerians.


18 “The project is about talent and creativity, when young people are not idle, they will not be victims of vices, rather they will imitate them,” Bulus said.


20 Earlier, Ms Johnson, who happens to be the organizer of the event, said she was motivated to come up with such a program, when she saw the need for people to have God’s intervention.


22 According to her, the WWW program is to awaken the spirit of devotees, as they grow closer to their creator, especially in these end times.


24 “This program has helped train people in society as a whole, as well as promote unity, awareness and the relevance of putting God first in everything we do.


26 “There is no nation, person or people that is safe without God because he is Alpha and Omega,” she said.


28 Nigeria’s NAN news agency reports that Maria Johnson’s music is an international music brand under ‘Marie Johnson Ministries’, which is well known for her hard-hitting music in certain genres.


30 Worship Works Wonders is a rapidly growing international strategic worship program for awakening the hearts of men to the true worship of God in accordance with John 4:23-24.

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