FAST DE – Music News

If you were to imagine, engineer, conjure up a collection of songs and sounds that addressed the world of collapsing contexts, dissolving borders, and territories without borders (at least on a cultural level), then you could (if you you’re lucky) to end up with FAST DE’s debut album, “Sight Inside”. A miasma of avant-garde MOR, textual plorations à la King Crimson, a bric-o-bracollage of beats, breaks and breaks. And more.

Dutch (de)composer, sweet fellow Daniel Eskens, re-channels his past, plunders his gifts and steals his future future in a melting potpourri of progressive pop, transgressive trip-hop and awe-inspiring indie-jazz rock .

Delving into the dreamlike playground of a childhood since spent in scrapbook fragments, Eskens described ‘Miss Trutti has finally found her gem’ as a ‘musical cry’, a lament on the free and whimsical freedoms of yore. , a hazy echo to unfiltered events and unforeseen existences.

From revamping genres to syncopated selectronica, it’s a soundtrack for somewhere, something, sometime. ‘AH’ revokes The Shadows in their most laid back, loose form; the titular ‘Sight Inside’ and ‘Was Dat’ travel inward to the mind’s inner mechanics all wrong, instrumental shakedowns with exquisitely balanced closing codas.

“Good for Getting Lost” is all wobbly waves, a little off, just out of sync psych-chic-edelia. A sonic Situationist drift through the nooks and crannies of innermost thoughts, piecing together the right path through perception and the pleasurable properties of being unmoored and aimless. Think of it as a musical compatriot to author Rebecca Solnit’s essays on “problems of wandering and the uses of the unknown.”

“WT.MWOM” is maximum minimalism, a steady rhythm of chosen strings (heart), all played on bass.

Throughout “Sight Inside” displays distant echoes of the ornate time signatures of the nursery rhyme of Pearls Before Swine and the razz-pizzazz of Slapp Happy, but its modernist flex on complexity is a dexterous delight.