Comment: I don’t take live music for granted amid this current wave of COVID-19

These efforts allow me to feel less worried about my health so that I can still get out and enjoy life at home. new normal” of these uncertain times.


Over the past few months, I have celebrated friendsbirthday parties at loud karaoke sessions and enjoyed dancing into the sunset on the beach while listening to the punchy beats of a live DJ. In the past, I may have barely remembered these experiences except for a few snaps taken with friends to post on social media.

But recently, I’ve noticed how much I savor every musical outing I do, almost like I’ve found a long-lost love and I’m afraid it will disappear again. Like many of my music-loving friends, we ask for our favorite songs and cajole musicians into giving us one last encore — and then one more for good measure.

Perhaps there is a lingering concern that music concerts will once again be temporarily curtailed, if this current surge of COVID-19 continues or new threatening variants emerge.

While Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong recently said there was Nope need to strengthen safe management measures at this stage, the government is monitoring the situation closely. If necessary, the government will have to make adjustments, he added..

We certainly understand that measures may need to be stepped up to save lives and ease the burden on healthcare workers who are still valiantly on the front lines of battle. Hospitalizations related to COVID-19 have increase quite significantly”to the point that hospitals have begun to scale back non-COVID and elective procedures.

It’s no surprise, then, that music lovers relish every opportunity to revel in the good vibes and support the livelihoods of local musicians as much as possible in the meantime.

I intend to fully live in the present moment just in case the live music is (temporarily) silenced once again.

Karen Tee is a freelance lifestyle and travel journalist based in Singapore.