Classic cars, fireworks and music this Saturday in Cheshire!

Are you ready for a great evening of great meals, cool music, great rides and great weather for a fireworks display? Luckily for you Berkshire County residents, this Saturday night in Cheshire you will have all of that and more!

It’s another Cruz Nite and Fireworks show! Always a good time for everyone and perfect for families. Did I mention that the forecast for this Saturday is looking good? And perfect for a light show in the night sky.

Cruz Nite will take place at 191 Church Street (the old Cheshire Elementary School) from 4-10 p.m. That’s right, a six hour event with all kinds of stuff happening throughout.

Organized by the Cheshire Fire Service, the annual Cruz Night and Fireworks will feature these classic car enthusiasts, the one and only Nite Cruzers. It’s always nice to see these beautiful machines on display.

Local favorites Shut Up and Dance will perform live and there will be great food too! You must have good food, right? Many raffles will also be organized to try to win great prizes.

In fact, the Cheshire Police Association will be on hand to sell raffle tickets for two cool looking bikes donated by All Seasons Realty and Emergency Response Consulting.

Anyway, as I said, take the family and head to Church Street, Cheshire on Saturday after 4pm for a great afternoon/evening. The weather will be perfect for food, fun and fireworks!

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