City Life Org – Open House: An Evening of Music and Performance at the Abrons Arts Center

WHAT: Open dayan evening of live music and performances, featuring cross-disciplinary programming including performances by half truth, H31R, duenditaand JADALAREIGN as well as a Royal Majesty.

Organized by the artistic director of the Abrons Arts Center Ali Rosa Salasthis all-ages program aims to celebrate community and welcome everyone back to the Abrons space after the challenges of the past two years.

Throughout the evening, attendees will also have the opportunity to purchase dishes prepared by Chef Estefania Trujillo Preciado and Sammi Gay, presented in partnership with community food incubator Food With Fam.

WHEN: April 9, 2022, doors open at 4 p.m.; Performances at 5 p.m.-10 p.m.

WHERE: Abrons Arts Center, Experimental Theater(466 Grand Street to Pitt Street) Please note Abrons COVID-19 policies.

TIX: $16/ticket

SUPPORT: Open day was commissioned by the Abrons Arts Center.


Semiratruth (She/She) is a 21-year-old emcee/producer from Chicago, IL. With 5 musical projects released under her belt, Semira’s ability to be a nuanced storyteller, combined with her mind-blowing glitchy beats, makes any listener want to escape to her realm. Praised by the Chicago Reader, Bandcamp and Pitchfork. half truth forces you to increase your bars in the best way.

H31R (pronounced heir/air) is an experimental electronic hip-hop duo consisting of New Jersey producer/songwriter JWords and Brooklyn rapper/singer maassai. The blending of their worlds creates an enigmatic yet complementary sonic experience that pushes the unstable boundaries of the genre.

royal majesty is a dancer, performance maker, sonic explorer and ghost inhabiting liminal spaces. Living in geographical and ideological spaces not intended to support bodies like theirs; its creation is about finding, creating and traversing alternative spaces more suited to the expansive truth of human life. Majesty is an alumnus of the School of Dance at the University of the Arts, where she received the President’s Award for Excellence in Creative Practice. As a 2020 Pina Bausch Choreography Fellow, Majesty studied alongside choreographers Ryan Kelly and Brennan Gerard, as well as interdisciplinary artist Keyon Gaskin. Majesty has worked with artists in the United States and Europe, including: Gerard & Kelly, Bouchra Ouizguen, Isabel Lewis, Solange Knowles and Jumatatu Poe. Majesty is also a 2021 Fresh Tracks Artist at New York Live Arts. / @glitterboiwonder

duendita is an artist from Queens, New York. They write and produce their own music, imbuing it with a respect for their ancestry and faith. With their aching, bass-coated tones and blend of jazz, piano, soul and R&B, duendita’s music evokes the complexity and sentimentality of the human experience. @duendita

Native of New York and based in Brooklyn JADALAREIGN is a DJ, producer, and organizer who is best known for unifying the wide variety of expressions that is diasporic blackness to forge community since 2016. While JADA has always had an ear for multicultural sounds, her current focus is on underground dance music and processing the foundation that was laid by black music makers whose legacies and stories continue to inspire him every day. JADA the talent for creating harmony is not unique to music – it also does the vital work of cultivating community in spaces where resources and opportunity are long overdue. Having been featured on dance music platforms around the world, as well as publications like Vibes, IDs, and Essence, JADA used its platform to give back to the community that inspired it by creating various music workshops for marginalized people as a form of cultural revolution.

In its efforts to catalyze social progress through music, JADA has created SKILLSHARE, a safe space for aspiring DJs with marginalized identities to learn the ins and outs of DJing and production, and how to transform the music of a past. -time in a career.


Abrons Art Center is the OBIE award-winning home for contemporary interdisciplinary arts in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. A core program of Henry Street Settlement, Abrons believes that access to the arts is essential to a free and healthy society. Through performances, presentations, exhibitions, educational programs and residencies, Abrons mobilizes communities with the transformative power of art.

The arts have always been an integral part of Henry Street’s mission. Their vitality was cemented in 1915 with the opening of The Neighborhood Playhouse and again in 1975 with the completion and dedication of Abrons Arts Center, one of the nation’s first arts facilities designed for a low-income population. revenue. Today, the award-winning institution OBIE is a vital cultural resource, providing diverse audiences with artistically daring work while providing artists with opportunities for dynamic growth.

Each year, Abrons presents more than 20 performances, six gallery exhibitions, hosts several residencies for performing and studio artists and offers 100 different courses in dance, music, theater and visual arts. Abrons also provides New York public schools with teacher artists, introducing more than 3,000 students to the arts. Visit for more information.

Founded in 1893 by social work and public health pioneer Lillian Wald and based on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Henry Street Establishment provides a wide range of social service, arts and health care programs to more than 60,000 New Yorkers each year. Distinguished by a deep connection to its neighbors, a willingness to solve new problems with quick and innovative solutions, and a solid record of achievement, Henry Street challenges the effects of urban poverty by helping families improve their lives and those of their families. their children. Henry Street has 450 full-time and 400 seasonal employees, an active Board of Directors, partnerships with several organizations and a thriving alumni network.

Declaration of inclusion

Abrons Arts Center values ​​freedom of expression and creativity, always striving to provide creative communities with a space that celebrates diversity of thought and experience. Abrons aims to be an anti-oppressive home for people of all backgrounds and does not discriminate on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, citizenship status, ancestry, age, religion, disability , sex or gender identity. As definitions of expression and inclusion evolve, Abrons is committed to continually revising this statement in collaboration with our communities.

Recognition of indigenous lands

Nulelìntàmuhëna èli paèkw Lenapehoking. Kulawsihemo enta ahpiekw. Nooleelundamuneen eeli payeekw Lunaapeewahkiing. Wulaawsiikw neeli apiiyeekw.

We are happy because you have come to Lenapehoking. Live well when you are here. Abrons Arts Center is located on the Lenape Island of Manhahtaan (Mannahatta) in Lenapehoking, the Lenape homeland. We pay tribute to the Lenape peoples, past, present and future and their continued presence in the homeland and throughout the Lenape diaspora. We offer our care and gratitude to the land, water and air of Lenapehoking, and pledge to resist colonialism and imbalance with Mother Earth through the support of Indigenous-led programs and practices. indigenous arts.

Thank you to the Lenape Center and Emily Johnson/Catalyst for their partnership in developing Abrons Arts Center Indigenous Land Recognition.