7 tips for listening to music while learning

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Studies have shown that listening to music while studying can help improve concentration and overall study time. Music can help the brain better understand what you’re studying and, in some cases, remember most of the things you’ve studied.

Many students know the importance of listening to music while studying, but they are challenged to choose the right music for studying. Some genres of music will distract you more than they help you focus. The following tips will help you choose the right music and tone.

Choose the right music to study

Not all music is good to listen to while studying, as some genres will only distract you more than they will help you study better. Genres like reggae, dancehall, and rock are not perfect selections to study.

The best musical selections for study are soft, peaceful genres like the harmonious classical genre. The instrumentals are more ambient and modern and are very effective during the study. Some students find it very effective to listen to the soundtracks played in the movies, but you should try them first if they will have the same effect on you.

Perfect timing is the best

Listening to music while studying is fine, but there are no rules you need to follow while studying. You need to experiment with different kinds of study to find out which one works best for you. Not all study environments are good for listening to music.

When you’re studying at home and you keep getting distracted by other family members, it’s best to turn on your study music and escape the distractions. Your teacher might fire you if he finds you listening to music in class.

Music can help you much better when you are studying a new language or when reading a book on a commuter bus or traveling alone on a train. When you feel your brain is tired, but you want to study, music can help soothe the brain.

Your study time shouldn’t be boring, but you should love studying because it’s your opportunity to prepare for homework and exams. When you have taken the time to study, you can face university assignments without fear and perform better.

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Volume Matters

Being young, it’s easy to be tempted by the idea that the louder the better, but it’s quite the opposite when you’re in your study room. The main problem in the study hall is that your brain understands what you are studying and remembers it several days later. When the volume is at its maximum, your brain will be distracted.

Your best study volume will be moderate and, if possible, the smallest so that what stands out the most is the study and not the music. The purpose of music is to help you study, and you need to adjust the volume in the background.

Let the music flow smoothly

If possible, let your favorite study music flow throughout your study time, unless you take a break. The music from your radio is good, but it does not give you a continuous music stream.

The presenter will play a classic hit for five minutes and spend another five minutes talking and talk time will keep you from studying properly. There should be no speaking time in your study music. Instead, you should have a smooth music stream.

One gender per study session is better

You might like to have a mix that includes all of your favorite study genres, but that might not work perfectly for you. Prepare your study lists and put each genre separately so that in each study session you will listen to a specific genre.

Your brain will work smoothly with the genre, but when the next music suddenly switches to another genre, it will take time for your brain to adapt to that genre again and your study time will be affected.


Your study time is important because it helps you prepare for exams and homework. Sometimes your brain feels tired and listening to your favorite study music will help your brain relax. Not all musical genres are good for you during study, but soft music can be perfect. Set your volume to moderate or minimal and select a genre for each study time in your playlist to avoid distracting your brain.